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Beyond Business Nippon is the leading translation agency in Japan. Our N.1 strength lies in the quality of our human resources. With a team of more than 50 of the most qualified and experienced Japanese translators in the world, we help thousands of companies worldwide achieve more success internationally.

With us, you get the whole package for your total satisfaction:

a) Excellent translation

b) Affordable price

c) Fast delivery

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Our areas of expertise

Our translators are experts in the following fields:

Natural sciences

Social sciences


International relations




Medical field







Real Estate

Frequently translated documents

Here are a few examples of documents we frequently translate into Japanese or English for our clients.

Private and business e-mails or letters



Survey questions

Newspaper and magazine articles

Marketing ads


Business Plans

Business reports

CVs and cover letters

Academic papers

Contracts and Agreements

Our basic rates

Translation into Japanese: 0.2 USD per English word

Translation into English: 0.1 USD per Japanese character


The translation rate may vary depending on the field and the level of complexity of the document to be translated.

Please, send us the document to be translated by e-mail so that we can let you know the exact price you will need to pay and the delivery time.


Payment method: You can pay the translation fee by PayPal or by bank transfer.

Our long time clients

Our long time clients include the following companies and institutions:


Tokyo Disneyland

Japan Air Lines

Japan International Cooperation Agency

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan)

And numerous companies involved in international trade

Request for a quote

About Privacy: All information and documents we receive from our clients are very carefully dealt with. We use the most advanced security systems in the world to protect our clients’ privacy. Besides, we do not share our clients’ information with any third party.

To get a quote, please send us your document by e-mail at the following address: info@lefrancais.jp

Company profile

Beyond Business Nippon, Inc is a company located in Yamagata, Japan. We provide many international firms and public institutions with translation, interpretation, and editing services. Beyond Business Nippon, Inc also runs a foreign language school where Japanese students and professionals learn English and French.
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The Executive Director,
K. G. Herve 

Company name: Beyond Business Nippon, Inc 
 990-2481 Yamagata Shi Akanegaoka 2-1-29-101

Phone number: 090 9423 1313
Executive Director: K. G. Herve 
Founded in: December2011

List of activities:
Translation (Japanese, English, French)
Interpretation (Japanese, English, French)
Editing (Japanese, English, French)
Teaching foreign languages

(Japanese, English, French)

Japanese translation

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